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Nothing to do with Dragons, but they are from Japan, not that there is any Japanese Dragons here either. They are here cos I love their Music.

The Easiest Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent it!



Two Toyama based animation studios, P.A. Works and The Berich have created some short animes to promote Toyama tourism, based on the theme “Tear Bringing Toyama Prefecture”.

Sharing here are videos from P.A. Works; three short stories about love, friendship and family; with Mt Tateyama, Toyama Bay, and Gokayama as backdrop.

The video above is a summary of the stories; theme song by local singer Sophie+. The English subbed videos with more tourism details are embedded below, with real (and beautiful) footages by Toyama Television Broadcasting…

Longing for a Tear Bringing Sky – Lovers in Tateyama

Longing for a Tear Bringing Sea – A Friendship on the Beach

Longing for a Tear Bringing Cuisine – Grandpa in Gokayama

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The site and stats  for The Dragon Lord site has now been cancelled
Due to the health of my mother in law I have not got the time to spend on the computer and writing my books. So for the present and unforseeable future, I have had to close the site down. As the Dragon Lords was the least viewed it of course became the easy choice. All my Dragons plus facts etc will brought over to this site at Dodie Dream World. There will be nothing but the homepage open with this message left on till times different. News, pics and updates.
Seligor of Seligor's Castle

Hello to whoever sent me the email about my Dragon Lords of Chirron books, unfortunately I have lost your email, I put it safe, too safe, could be anywhere inside my wonderful computer.. Sorreeeeee, please get back to me
Seligor, Prince of Chirron.
 p.s. I'm really a feminine dragon but it's a closely guarded secret so please don't tell anyone
Innocent , ps


I used to follow this blogger and I have just found it again, only to find that it came to a stop on 18th September 2008. I have found Doc Rock but it seems he is now a medical Doctor amongst many other things. I have found all of these poems on other sites plus many more, so I am going to post a few links instead.

(title unknown)

Artemisia Peak

Climbing up Artemisia Peak
My whole body is scented with artemisia.
Though the Four Frost Beards’ Mt. Shang
Was not this Artemisia Peak,
On these mountain paths the clouds are so deep
I can’t tell where I may be.

Pak Nogye (1561-1642)


産芝嶺 올나오니 一身이 香氣롭다
四皓 商山도 이芝嶺 아니런가
山路에 구룸이 깁흐니 아모댄 줄 모르로다

朴蘆溪 (1561-1642)

Tree 나무

I look at the tree

Constant in the slowly falling rain

I forget

The golden sunbeams and clear sky

No one visits me and

No one waits for me

In constant oblivion

It’s best not to move intentionally

It’s best not to make a sound

My beginningless, endless sleep

Cannot be touched by anything

Nothing frightens me

No thought to be thanked by anyone

Just enraptured with myselfKorean Ginko

Until the time I touch the sky

I will grow

I will o’er spread my fulsome branches

and shade

Kim Yun-song 1925~


한결같은 빗속에 서서 젖는

나무를 보며

황금색 햇빛과 개인 하늘을

나는 잊었다.

누가 나를 찾지 않는다

기다리지 않는다

한결같은 망각속에

나는 구태여 움직이지 않아도 좋다

나는 소리쳐 부르지 않아도 좋다

시작도 끝도 없는 나의 침묵은

아무도 건드리지 못한다.

무서운 것이 내게는 없다

누구에게 감사 받을 생각도 없이

나는 나에게 황홀을 느낄 뿐이다

나는 하늘을 찌를 때까지

자랄려고 한다

무성한 가지와 그늘을 펼려고 한다

김윤성 金潤成

Murmuring Jade BridgeJade Bridge

While napping on the breakwater,

I was awakened by the brilliant moon.

Holding my goosefoot walking stick aslant,

I crossed the Jade Bridge.

Only the drowsing birds

Know the pure music at Jade Bridge.

Pak Nogye (1561-1642)


磯頭에 누웠다가 깨어나니 달이 밝다

靑黎杖 빗겨 짚고 玉橋를 건너오니

玉橋에 맑은 소리를 자는 새만 아놋다

朴蘆溪 (1561-1642)

White Hair

In one hand I held a stick,
and in the other I held some thorns.
I tried to block the path of old age with thorns
and keep white hair at bay with my stick.
But white hair knew better than I
and came ‘round by a short cut.

U T'ak (1263-1343)


한 손에 막대를 쥐고 또 한 손에는 가시를 쥐고
늙는 길을 가시로 막고 오는 백발을 막대로 치려 했더니
백발이 제가 먼저 알고서 지름길로 오는구나.

우 탁 (1263-1343)

Moon Gushing Peak 吐月峰

The moon gushing at this peak
Glistens amongst these mountains,
The 90,000 league long heavens
Are far and wide but,
This towering mountain pierces the heavens
That seem to float above its rock

峰頭에 소슨 달이 이 山中의 비취노다.

九萬里 長天이 멀고도 놉건마는

高山이 揷天하니 돌 우흐로 나는 덧다.

蘆溪 朴仁老

Taking Leave of Magistrate So Se-yang 奉別蘇判書世讓 소세양 판서를 보내며

Beneath the moon the paulownia leaves have fallen;
In the frost the wild chrysanthemum has yellowed.
In our high tower reaching to the heavens
We are drunk on a thousand goblets of wine.
The running brook and my lute have gone cold;
The plum blossoms have perfumed my flute.
On the morrow after we’ve parted,
Our love will be endless as the jade green waves.

Hwang Chin'i



달빛 아래 오동잎 모두 지고
서리 맞은 들국화는 노랗게 피었구나.
누각은 높아 하늘에 닿고
오가는 술잔은 취하여도 끝이 없네.
흐르는 물은 거문고와 같이 차고
매화는 피리에 서려 향기로워라
내일 아침 님 보내고 나면 
사무치는 정 물결처럼 끝이 없으리.


On the Korean word 하느님 etc. for KS

In his latest post Dr. Ledyard noted, "In the course of the 2003 discussion, it was pointed out that the classical kasa poet Pak Illo (pen name Nogye, 1561-1642) used the form "Han[x]nim" (where [x] equals the now obsolete hangeul letter "arae a"), in a kasa. Unfortunately, Pak's poetic works were not printed until 1800. But that edition has proven very difficult to find; it is certainly not available in the U.S. His descendants put out what they termed a reprint of it in 1904, but that comes well after the otherwise first known appearance of hananim/haneunim in the early 1880s. It was the consensus back in 2003 that his usage of Hananim/Haneunim made more sense in his poetic context as apersonification of Heaven than as a reference to a transcendent monotheistic deity. But this particular issue needs more serious study by scholars of Choseon dynasty poetry."

I would just add that there are two occurences in Pak's kasa, one in his T'aep'yo^ng-sa +太平詞 and the other in Nogye-ga 蘆溪歌. In the former the line is
天運循環(천운순환)을 아옵게다 하*님아 where "하*" represents a syllable with the vowel as an arae a. In this case ha*nanim-a is a vocative which Yi Sang-bo 李相寶 (whose Kaego Pak No-gye yo^n'gu 改稿 朴蘆溪硏究 was a key resource in my doctoral dissertation on No-gye's sijo) rendered in modern Korean as "하늘의 운수가 돌아음을 알 것이옵니다." The latter occurence in Pak's Nogye-ga reads: "一生애 품은 ㅅ듯을 비옵나*다 하나*님아" in which "ㅅ듯을" was a Middle Korean rendering of "뜻을" and which Yi Sang-bo translated as "한 평생에 품은 뜻을 비옵니다. 하느님이여!"

Black is the Raven 가마귀 검다하고

Black is the raven,
Egrets, don’t sneer!
Even though his outside be black,
Will his heart be black, too?
Though your outside be white,
Perhaps the blackheart is you!

Yi Chik (1362-1431)
가마귀 검다하고 백로야 웃지 마라
겉이 검은들 속조차 검을소냐 
아마도 겉 희고 속 검을손 너뿐인가 하노라

李稷 (1362-1431)

The Empty Mountain is So Desolate 공산이 적막한데

That cuckoo mournfully sings
the empty mountain’s desolation

The rise and fall of the Kingdom of Shu
wasn’t yesterday or today but

Still he’s fitfully sobbing and
breaking strangers’ hearts

Chông Ch'ung-sin (1576~1636)

공산이 적막한데 슬피 우는 저 두견아

촉국 흥망이 어제 오늘 아니거늘

지금껏 피나게 울어 남이 애를 끊나니

정충신 鄭忠信 (1576-1636)

Individuality 개성

Though from an impoverished mountain valley,
Born as a pebble
Never to be a great boulder
Flowing like a stream
Never to be wide as a sea
You will have moments to soar limitlessly

Kim Kwang-söp (1905~1977)

貧賤한 묏골에서

하나의 돌맹이로 태어나서커

다란 바위가 되지 못할지라도


하나의 시내로서 흘러서

넓은 바다에 이르지 못할지라도

그대는 무한에 飛翔하는 순간을 가지라

김광섭 (1905~1977)

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HarbinHarbin is a twentieth century city. Therefore, you will not find ancient monuments. The largest active Buddhist temple in the whole region is the Temple of Heavenly Bliss. Constructed in the 1920s, it doesn't possess the exquisite detail of the great temples of the past. The statuary has a somewhat louche carnival allure. The devotion of the faithful, however, is the real thing.

The Temple of Heavenly Bliss is a very spiritual place, and you can feel a buzz in the air, along with the incense smoke. Outside the temple, in a row of little religious shops, you can buy Hell Bank play money which you then burn in order to satisfy (easily fooled) spirits.

The word Hell was introduced to China, by Christian missionaries who claimed that non-converted Chinese folks were all "going to Hell" when they died -- and the Chinese, thinking "Hell" was the proper English term for the afterlife, adopted the word. Thus, Hell Bank Notes are simply Money to use to guide you through the after-life. The Chinese believe that their spirits or ghosts go to an after-life where they continue to live on , doing the same sort of things they did while alive, eating, drinking, wearing clothes, playing with their children, and so forth. In order to ensure that they have lots of good things in the afterlife, their relatives send them presents, and one of the best things to send them is Hell Bank Notes -- money to spend in the afterworld. In addition to Hell Bank Notes, some Chinese grocery stores also sell elaborately-made and multi-coloured paper watches, clothes, cars, Hell Credit Cards, and even refrigerators for the purpose of burning in the belief that doing so sends their essence to the afterlife world, where the recipient will be glad to receive such material goods. Symbols on the faces of the Asian Hell Money are very beautiful: To the left of the Emperor of Hell on the 500,000,000 dollar note there is a golden bowl piled high with offerings -- slipper-shaped gold bullion bars, polished branches of red coral, and peacock feathers. To his right is a stylized lotus flower.

These are two of my favourites as they have dragons on them. And we all know I have a passion for the dragons.

There are many web sites where you can find most of the Hell Money description, try and have a look at a few. Their story is quite amazing in some cases, the web site of Hell Money; BigWhiteGuy.com is excellent.

Harbin again, I just love this A few miles away from the Temple of Heavenly Bliss stands the imposing building of Saint Sophia Cathedral, which went through several changes before reaching its final shape in 1932, already the twilight of Harbin's Russian era.

For a long time after WWII, Saint Sophia was hidden, deliberately forgotten, its inside gutted. Other significant Russian churches were destroyed during the traumatic 1960s. It was as if the Chinese were worried that the Russians would come back and claim ownership of the much disputed region.


More recently it became obvious that handsome Saint Sophia is a part of Harbin's history, of great interest to visitors and tourists. It was renovated with much fanfare, as a Harbin historical museum. Today, the plaza in front of the cathedral is a popular spot with piped in music, a haven in the midst of a chaotic neighborhood. You don't meet many non-Chinese tourists in Harbin, and the few that you do meet are most likely Russians from nearby Siberia.

Anger Dragon Smoke
       By Lillian Moore

 Breathe and blow
white clouds with every puff.
It's cold today, cold enough
to see your breath.
Breathe dragon smoke today!

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