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In the gardens of the

Roses grow in royal state;
Lilies tall and beautiful

We may see, but must not cull.
But along the hedgerow ways,
Modest violets greet our gaze,
And within the meadows wild
Daisies grow for every child.


There are noble deeds and great
We may never emulate;
Heroes fame that travels wide,
While at home we needs must bide.
But about us, close to view,
There are kind acts we may do;
And in gentle hearts and mild,
Graces grow for every child.


I love this wee verse,
 And I am going to place
 It on the Home Pages,
 Of all four of my web sites.


This is a secret  so don't tell anyone.
In this box there are some lovely Russian Mini Tales,
also 6 little stories from Peanuts and Charlie Brown.



Dodies Dream World


When I first came across this poem it was in a little book titled
 "Boys' Third Standard."
It was listed as "ANON" this was in 1873 when the book was published.
It is wonderful when you have read and loved a poem and then 
find out who wrote it. But I am know wiser for I still haven't found out
anything about her as yet.


Sarah Roberts Boyle [1812-1869]

 Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
 By the dusty roadside,
 On the sunny hillside,
 Close by the noisy brook,
In every shady nook,
I come creeping, creeping everywhere.

 Here I come creeping, smiling everywhere;
 All round the open door,
    Where here sit the aged poor;
Here where the children play,

In the bright and merry May,
 I come creeping, creeping everywhere.

Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
In the noisy city street
          Cheering the sick at heart
 Toiling his busy part, -
 Silently creeping, creeping everywhere.

 Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
You cannot see me coming,
 Nor hear my low sweet humming;

For in the starry night,
 And the glad morning light,
I come quietly creeping everywhere.

Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
More welcome than the flowers

In summer's pleasant hours;
The gentle cow is glad,
 And the merry bird not sad,

 To see me creeping, creeping everywhere.

 Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
When you're numbered with the dead
In your still and narrow bed,
In the happy spring I'll come
 And deck your silent home, -
 Creeping, silently creeping everywhere.

Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
My humble song of praise
Most joyfully I raise
To Him at whose command
I beautify the land,
Creeping, silently creeping everywhere.
Sarah Roberts Boyle  [1812 - 1867]


This is the Dolben Arms it was our local in Bontnewydd;
now it is divided into two cottages

I remember the winter of long, long ago,
with ice on the windows, deep, crispy snow.
The crunch of our feet as we went off to school,
Testing the ice on the river and pools.
That strange, silent stillness that surrounded the place,
With the feel of the snowflakes that fell on our face.

Remember the smell of wet clothing, that hung on the pegs,
The itch of the chilblains, the burn of chapped legs.
Our school milk was frozen, pushed out at the top,
Teachers a grumbling with buckets and mops.
Rows of wet gloves on the fireguard all day,
The whoops of delight when allowed out to play.

The sound of the sledge as it slid down the hill,
The laughter that followed the inevitable spill.
Snowballs that soaked me, when thrown by a friend
as we trudged our way home when it came to days end.
Our warm, secure cottage, roaring fire, hot tea,
Warm bread and dripping, my dad, sisters and me.

Written by Mrs Kathleen Farr, 2006

I have just been going through my files and in amongst them I found a Christmas card from my sister Kath. It was one she had made herself a year ago on the PC. Inside she had wrote a beautiful verse which related to our childhood for we were bought up in a tiny village in the middle of a mountain, with a steep hill to come down into the valley from every direction, it was a very beautiful childhood. So do enjoy this wee verse my sister Kath wrote for us. Diddily
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 Dawn the blue rose
Daybreak in January

Dawn over Llangollen

I woke at half past six today

And all outside was misty grey,
As if it still were really night
And just pretending to be light.
I only just could see the lawn,
And everything looked fast asleep;
And then I saw a something creep
Across the garden soft and slow--
It was the shadow of the dawn

Sun rising over mountains

And as I watched and saw her pass,

Her dress was trailing on the grass;
She paused and seemed to hesitate
And glided through the little gate--
And then the cock began to crow.
And when she'd gone as clear as clear
I saw the trees and garden here,

January Dawn in Scotland

The sad brown earth with things will grow

When Winter's dead (Nurse told me so!).
I saw the tiny apple tree
Which Daddy's given all to me,
I saw the house across the way;
And as I looked at it I heard
The twitter of a little bird,

And so I knew that it was day.

Dawn the blue rose
This little poem was written by Almey St. John Adcock many years ago, even before Seligor was born so I thought it would be nice to include it .

revived for you,by Seligor    xxx                            

The Rights of Man, A Reply

“ So you wont fight?”

“ Yes, your honour.” I said  “that's right.”

The judge rises in great rage and writes ~

'He’s a traitor' all over the page and says

“You must die”

“What me!” says I,

“If you still wont fight.”

“ Well, yes, your honour.” I said

“That's right, but em;

But what right have you to condemn me to die!

 Do you have the power of God on your side?"

"Can I not decide if I kill, if I slaughter,

If I murder a wife, slay a son, rape a daughter."

He stood up tall:

"Would you go down the street with a gun in your hand,

Would you kill the kids, all the kids in the land.

Would you murder on sight ? Would you?

The judge, looks around, at the dark and the light,

At the faces around him. He frown's.  “Well yes, I might fight.

If it came to the crux, if I were the lay man, the prisoner or such;

Yes then, I would fight.”

Dooley laughed and said:

"This is really a farce, for the men at the top

might as well be on Mars, or ~

 two thousand miles away like the enemy fighting.”

Spoke Dooley, his fury was growing,

 His eyes flashing, like lightening.

Once more he stood up, up straight in the dock,

Raised his head.  Filled his chest, glanced t the clock,

He smiled as he said:

But I am, what I am,  you go to hell with the rest

Should I kill in cold blood?

Would you do it for me?


Then if I must die, let me die, like I can!

Cause I'm not a traitor ~

Just a peace loving Man”



 When the clouds cross the sky ~

I’ll think of you.

Till the birds cease to fly ~

I’ll think of you.

When my eyes start to cry ~

I’ll think of you.

And think you're still here in my arms


When the sun starts to shine ~

I’ll long for you.

Smell the dew on the pine ~

I’ll long for you.

Till the end of all time ~

I’ll long for you.

Long for you here by my side


Now the lights have gone out ~

And I cry for you.

Without reason or doubt ~

I still cry for you.

Tear my heart inside out ~

Yet still cry for you.

I cry for the love we have lost

dorothy_milnes_simm © 1990



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My heart is racing, beating twenty to the dozen.

I hold it in my hand. Oh God shall I open it.

What if it’s goodbye!

My hands are trembling as I place my thumbnail under the seal.

Gently, don’t rip it.

Heart beating faster, dare I take it out of the envelope.

There it’s done. Nervous, terrified is more the word.

What if it’s goodbye.

Open the pages.

"Hi Dot,"

Would he start like that if he was leaving you.

(Read on.)

"My knee, why it’s fine."

(Tired, of course I was tired, we lived for forty eight hours in one day.)

Jaguar, lawn mower, what does it matter, I was by your side.

Norse God of war? Odin. ~ You knew the answer!

Your friends ~ my daughter?

What could have been nicer?

Unless it was that last sixty miles home.

"Yes I ate. Syrup on toast."

The Steed of Iron is poorly! "never mind you’ll soon make it well." ~

"You make everything well."

(Oops, my letter.) Come on, no sloppiness!

"Hey I love you."

Sunday? ~ still another forty eight hours.

"My Birthday, Kelly’s big and little."

(Heart begins to race again.

This means you’re still with me, thank the Gods for that!)

Butterflies stop beating their wings in my belly ~

Another forty eight hours, seems like forever.)

"You could never be insignificant, not in any way my darling."

No, not even on a word processor.

~ I laugh.

(The first time I’ve relaxed in two days, you still want me.)

"I am the poet."

"You are the mystic, the tempter, why even the tease.

A scribe who scribbles sweet words upon a page."

"I’ll bid you goodnight, my precious one and wait eagerly for Sunday to come around."

My kisses are returned to you.

P. S.

 Stockholm! ~ the tape!

Who cares about the Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter?!

"I love you."


 August 29th. 1996


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If you have any ideas do leave a message for me at

                         Danish Hedge Goblins         The Missing Danish Pastriesyummy yum, Danish pastries.

   Down at the bottom of the garden,
A Danish Goblin dwelled.
And on, one, hot and windy day,
He screamed! and then he yelled!
"Who's stole my Danish Pastries?
And nicked my strawberry flan?
I'm undone, quite besides myself,
I, will have to make a plan."

Our Danish Goblin called his mates,Tuppence the cat
Who lived, beneath the hedge.
He told them of his stolen cakes,
From off his window ledge.
"I suppose it could be garden gnomes,
They're all looking kind of fat."
But Gertie, pushed them all aside,
Me thinks,  it was  That Cat!

                        The cdo you like Danish Pastries?at was sitting 'neath the tree,
Cream, all about her face.
She eyed the Goblins up and down,
And then, began the chase.
First they watched the slant, eyed puss,
Till, her whiskers, began to quiver.
"Stand aside men!" Gertie cried,
Whilst I grab her tongue and liver.

the goblins hid under the bushes
The Goblin swayed, the big cat strayed-
much closer to her quarry.
She stretched her paw, with nail and claw,
And Gertie didn't tarry.
Next up came Bert with his garden spade,
He swung it round his head,
He missed the cat, and  hit  a rat,
Then toppled down quite dead.

                    Then,yummy yum, Danish pastries. with a grin, the puss did spin,
Her tail, curled round her paw.
She sent them sprawling across the lawn ,
Then made it off towards the door.
The Goblins beat, made a hasty retreat,
Then assembled 'neath the bushes.
With scratches and bruises from head to toe,
There were no more, heated rushes.

More yummy pastries

The Danish Goblins sat quite still,

Each with their own remorse.
Ne'er again would they stand the pain,
Of the pussy cat's, tail and claws.
Gertie decided right there and then,
That, they all, would take a pledge.
If they ever made Danish Pastries again,
They would never, ever, be left, on the ledge.

Dodie© August 2007

The Conspiracy


The setting is the snug bar of the little pub.

There are three tables in the centre and a bench with a table in the corner by the fireplace.

On the bench, a man and woman, in their middle age are sitting holding hands.

She is sitting on the inside next to the fireplace. They are obviously very much in love.



"But Sarah, it’s not as easy as you think! What if he doesn’t understand, what then?"


"Oh for goodness sake Natty, it’s not as if you’re going to kill someone, is it?"

Nathan>>>: (puts his finger to his lips):

"Shush don’t say it so loud, what if something goes wrong, they will never understand?"

Nathan looks around the Snug, checking to see who was sitting at the other tables. 


Sarah>>>: (her voice sounding very agitated)

"Nathan! we don’t even come from around here, so who the hell is going to see us, and it’s  pouring with rain!

(she takes a deep breath, Nathan frowns, wondering what the rain has got to do with it. Sarah points to her watch.)

"Look! it's only six o’clock people will be at home, having their tea. For goodness sake Nathan pull your self together, otherwise I’ll do it myself.


Nathan>>>: (his eyes light up and a smile appears on his face)

"Oh will you Sarah, will you? Oh thank you my darling, thank you so much.  I do love you so!"


(He reaches over and grabbing both her arms pulls her into his chest, she pushes him away almost dumping him on the floor. He struggles to stay on the end of the bench. Sarah grabs hold of his shirt and hauls him back, almost knocking him out as she head butts his nose. )  



  "I don’t believe this." ( Nathan's nose begins to bleed,)

"Oh my God, now your nose is bleeding!" 

(she rummages in her pocket for a hankie.) 

Oh God, now everyone will think we’re having a row, bloody brilliant!" 

(She speaks quietly under her breath, but it’s still loud enough for anyone to hear her. Nathan looks round the empty room)

 The Bartender moves to the end of the bar


"Is everything alright there Madam? Do you need any help?

Sarah>>>: stands up smiling, she bends over and speaks to Nathan

"For God's sake Nathan, go to the toilet, I'll sort this out."

(A look of relief crosses Nathan's face as he gets up and goes to the toilet, tissues pressed to his bleeding nose.)

Sarah>>>: (Still smiling turns to the bartender)

No thanks we are fine honestly, a slight collision between his nose and my head I’m afraid."

(she makes a slight giggling sound.) He will be all right once the bleeding stops, it often happens,"

( She giggles again and shakes her head.) " I mean his nose bleeding, not me head butting him!

(She sits back down on the bench)

(The Bartender smiles) Bartender: Well all right if you’re sure you will be ok. (sounding concerned)

(Nathan comes out of the toilet, his fingers still holding his nose.)

Bartender>>>: Would you like another drink mate?


Nathan>>>: (Talking through his fingers and suddenly sounding very authoritive)

No thanks I’m driving, and we’re going in a minute, aren’t we Sarah dear?

We have some unfinished business to attend to, isn’t that right? (he collects her coat and holds it for her to put on)  Don’t we dear? 

 Sarah looks at him quite amazed at the authority in his voice, she smiles, this was different.)

Sarah>>>: Yes we have dear.  (she turns to bartender) We will be going now thank you very much all the same. (she turns back to Nathan) So it's decided then, you will do it when we get there"

(Nathan nods his head.)  Yes, I’ll do it, it was my turn anyway but this is the very last time, OK?

Sarah smiles at him and reaches up to peck him on the cheek"Oh thank you my lovely, and you will do it in Chinese for me, Please?

(Nathan reaches back and smacks her on the bottom.)But this is the last time Sarah, we can not spend all winter going into Chinese restaurants to practise our Chinese for our holidays. (He opens the pub door for her.) or next year I swear we'll be going to Bognor Regis.

Arm in arm they walk out the pub door.

This is a small play on words that I wrote quite a while ago, it is nothing special but it was such fun to write. It is always good to try new things. Not quite my forte, but I have had quite a few acted out on stage. And when I was at college I enjoyed the holidays when all the shows we wrote and produced together were put on stage for children and adults who didn't usually get the chance to go to a theatre. One of my favourites was a sketch of "It ain't half hot Mum" when we did this Christmas show, we went to the homes for the elderly, what an experience. One old gentleman kept banging his table and stamping his feet, all in the wrong places and usually when there was laughter. We found out later that he had had his tongue and voice box removed as he had the dreadful Cancer, and his banging and stamping was his now, way of laughing. Brilliant.

It is a good way of starting to write, be it a story, play etc. To get an idea on board before you even put pen to paper. This is a good exercise for writers block. Take three items, words, beings, situations. For example: A kite, a windy day, a mountain, and a magic tree.

Now my last words, Magic Tree, have just decided what and who for my story will be for.

 I am sitting here, it is 14:37 on Sunday 14th June 2009, oh my sisters birthday also, (I must phone her tonight)...

It is a very windy day..... what can I do?

I shall decide to ask mother can I go play ..... with my new kite.

My new Kite .... that Daddy bought me before... he went back to work abroad.... (Here is an opening for the kite to become a Chinese Kite.) hereby changing the story.

But it is a normal sports kite the kind of which I have had before.

I have suddenly decided I shall be a boy, of about 14 in this story.

See how in three minutes I have already got a great base for my story.

Kiss mum, go out, decide to call for Jimmy. (new character, but we don't want anymore, not yet anyway.)

Jimmy is home we leave to go up the mountain. Name for mountain.( hm,m, m it really hasn't got a name as such, but for kids it has always been called ....  That will have to wait for I'm not sure what is going to happen to us yet.)

We can make small talk between ourselves as we go towards the Mountain of Dreams.... That's it, the name just arrived.

Make sure you are two boys now. so you have two dialogues to think of. They could come from different parts of GB, anything. But remember don't go overboard you are not writing a new Harry Potter, (but the money would be nice.)

Don't start to write anything, unless you have the time to be on your own with no supper to make etc. BUT, when you stop, make sure you have a pen and pad handy. Not scraps of paper, (but I do have loads of them as well, all in a box, which I look through when I want to stir a memory.)

and if whilst you're cooking dinner you suddenly think of a great adventure to carry on with, make a note of it.. Never think "I'll remember that", You won't. I know from many lost stories.'

Punctuation, OMG. my let-down, the words come easy for me as do the idea's the punctuation... well I know what an ! is and a . also a , and ' even a capital, but quite often they turn up in the middle of a sentence. as for : ; ? " I tend to find these easy to forget as well.

So I have two boys climbing up the mountain of clouds, there you go, I've changed it already. Because I have just thought of a great idea...

I take the boys to the top, They fly the kite, they sit and eat some lunch (where did that come from) don't forget to mention it earlier.

Right they eat the lunch and lie in the sun close eyes and, when they are opened again. the Clouds have descended down below the mountain top......

Think again.... are they awake... is one of them dreaming.... decided they are both awake.

a bit of dialogue between the boys, realisation that the kite has vanished... (no idea why yet,)

when suddenly walking towards them is, what looks like...... ?????? much stop to think....

And that is where I shall leave off, for Now I shall become a bore and tell you, I will continue this story and finish it, and hopefully place it on here in a week, say 21st, shall we. Don't hold your breath though. With my Mum in Law in hospital after an acute stroke, my time isn't my own.

But there you go. I am always here should anyone want advise on writing of any sort. Not as a teacher, but as someone who loves to write, her own way.

Hugs Dodie. xxx



Do you know, I can’t remember,

when it all began.

Do you know, I can’t remember,

what made me take your hand.

Could it have been that moment

when I looked into your eyes.

Was it your touch, maybe your smile,

that took me by surprise.

Do you know, I can’t remember,

what was on my mind.

Do you know, I can’t remember,

why I knew that you were kind.

That maybe I was dreaming,

and no one else was there.

Was it your hair, maybe your frown,

that laid my soul quite bare.


Do you know, I can’t remember,

when I ever felt so strong.

Do you know, I can’t remember,

 what we did the whole day long.

 Could fate have played a tiny part,

upon that summers day.

Did I whisper, chatter, ponder,

whilst you stole my heart away.


Do you know, I can’t remember,

when I fell in love with you,

Do you know, I can’t remember,

if I was happy, sad or blue.

I think it crept up suddenly,

without a penny for my thoughts .

Did I struggle, panic, cry out,

when I realised I was caught.


Do you know I can’t remember,

if I told you, I love you.

Do you know, I can’t remember,

if you said  you loved me too,

Or if it really matters, for I’m still bound by your charms,

And do you know, I won’t remember,

whilst I’m safe within your arms.


August 1996

 Blue Fairy
  A Fairy Came To Tea Last Night

A Fairy flew down to tea last night, she was wearing a gossamer gown.
But instead of her looking happy, she was wearing a terrible frown.
Her eye-brows they met in the middle, h
er wings hung limp by her sides,

She stood there, her hair in a tissy, I couldn't believe my own eyes.

"Why are you looking so angry, what is it that makes you so glum?
Why are you pulling such faces, you look like you've swallowed a plum?"
The blue fairy sat on my  table, crossed legged, her head on her knees,
Little sobs they came all a sudden, "They've vanished, they've taken my seeds."
"Taken your seeds, such sadness, you say they have vanished from sight,
Did you hide them safe from the Goblins, or the Elves that were  prowling last night?"

Blue fairy jumped up on the teapot, her little eyes flashing like fire,
Blue Goblin"Those goblins, I forgot it was Saturday. I bet it was them."she did sigh
"Oh dear, then, there already useless, they will already, be turned into flour,
For there's nothing a goblin likes better, than the blue fairies seeds of desire.
"How will I explain to the elders? How can I put everything right?
I'll be banished to some far off country, somewhere far, far, away in the night.

Blue Fairy, she jumped off the table,
Blue Fairy
Blue Fairy, she walked out the door.
Her shoulders were drooping so lowely, her eyes looking down to the floor
And the moral of this sad story, to prevent and avoid such a  plight.
Is always take care your desire dear, and your seeds, on a Saturday night.

Seligor August 2007


Dream Not Of Today.

Dream not of today My Lovely,

For whilst the birds sing their song,

Amongst the varying green leaves of summer,

The autumn will soon be upon us.

Dream not of tomorrow My Lovely,

For when autumn comes,

Spreading her golden flashes amongst the hedge-growth,

She knows that soon she will be followed by the winter.

Dream not of the future My Lovely,

For when that dawn breaks, and the snow lies deep upon the earth,

Covering all of natures beauty with a strange coldness,

That glistens on the frosted ground,

Spring will soon arrive and a new dawn will begin.

 Dream not of that Spring My Lovely,

for who knows for certain,

what lies awaiting around the next season.

A new life, a new romance, mayhap even a new Beginning.

Dream not of today My Lovely,

For when you close your eyes the chances are,

Your dreams will occur in tomorrow,

And we all know that tomorrow never comes.

                       For Peter in the Shetlands. August 1999.                        




 “What for” I hear you ask,

“For just being you”, I reply.



I’m sat at this machine thinking of yesterday,

my Birthday,

I feel like a million dollars

Full of your love and understanding

You’ve changed my life.




“It was a pleasure,” he replies,

“Beautiful, divine,” he adds.



I continue to write words upon the page,

It’s Monday,

I feel alone already

You’ve only been gone ten minutes,

my heart is still pounding.




“What for this time?” he asked,

“For everything.” I reply.



My head is still spinning, mixed cocktails,

the twa Kelly’s, the walk on the beach.

The trek through the sand dunes,

sand in my turn-ups




“You don’t have to,” he whispers,

“I want to, honestly.” I answer.



I feel contentment in my heart, my body.

Our day on the beach, the long night in our bed

Your kiss as you left me this morning

I wait till the next time


 September 2nd 1996



August 1996


  Was it yesterday you came into my life?

Or was it yesteryear?

It seems like forever.

Could I be dreaming one long dream?

Or is this for real?

Will I awake to find that it’s only my imagination,

That makes me feel the way I do?

I hope not!

For then my world would shatter like crystal falling on a marble slab

I am vunerable in your arms ~

Completely at your mercy ~

Treat me like that crystal my love and I will shine for you

You to are within me



Fa Peter

August 1996

‘Tis now near midnight

I wonder how you are

Are you sleeping now

Are you dreaming

My thoughts are with you

Oh childe in time

You are forever

Your essence is divine

Peter Sinclair



 The sunlight flashes in her silver hair,
The wind wisps about her curls,
She smiles and dreams of yester years,
Her hand wrinkled, unfurls.

 Her eyes are closed, she is dreaming still,
Of the times when her heart was young,
Of the memories both old, and new,
And of the pleasures they have brung.

 Then the sun slips away, behind a cloud,
And the wind, she moves on to play,
The old one smiles , she is dreaming yet,
Of the past, maybe the future, today. 

                                                       Dorothy Milnes Simm©


It's impossible to imagine a world without your love,
A day without your nearness, a night without your touch.

It's impossible to imagine, how empty life would be,
Without you here at daybreak  your love inside of me.

It's impossible to live without your love, from day to day,
Impossible to wonder how I’d feel while your away.

So stay beside me darling till the world ceases to turn,
Till the stars forget to twinkle, and my love ceases to yearn.

Stay with me forever, till the sun forgets to shine,
For nothing is impossible, when you hold a love like mine.

                                                                Dorothy Milnes Simm©



 The sadness creeps from behind her eyes,
Passing through the window to the world outside,
The sun shines down in the Autumn skies,
Touching the leaves on the trees,

She cried.

She looks down at her hands gnarled and worn,
Clutching the chair in the room where she bides,
Her clothes now are faded, in places are torn,
The tears leave her eyes, touch her cheek,

She cries

Strangely the pain that was in her is gone,
Lived with so long which she fought and defied,
Her heart now feels heavy and chilled to the bone,
Her tears flowing freely she is sad,

 Still she cries

 The sadness creeps back, it is dimming her eyes,
Leaving closed curtains, to her world deep inside
The sun, stopped shining in the watery skies,
Peace fills her body and her soul leaves her side.

She is home

Dorothy Milnes Simm©1985


This Gentle Earth

Oh silent night,
Your whiteness lies softly on the ground,

Dulling the sound of doors being locked
against your darkness.

The lights flicker, like candles on a table,
Colours mixed
lighting up the clouds, as they pass overhead.

The call of a night bird far away in the mountains,
The ghostly whistle of a train,
passing on it’s way to who knows where!

A dog barks,

Not far away, a car, crawls over the glazed tarmac,
Its wheels crunching on the frozen ground.

The cold digs deeper into my bones,
I feel a numbness inside me.
But the beauty is so rare,

I must stand

yet I feel tied to the ground

Oh beautiful world, let me alone;
let me sleep in the warmth of his love.
Untie your cold chains,
and let these numb hands feel once more.
Take these icicles from my heart,

Oh gentle Earth, release me.

 Dorothy Milnes, written on a balcony,

in Glenrothes, Fife .

        New Years Eve 1975
Peter and Dorothy Wedding Aniversary


My Sweet Peter.

To love someone is to experience every other emotion,

Outside of love, and still come back to love.

To love someone is to feel hurt and pain,

And still be able to overcome it, and to forget about it.

 To love someone is to realise that everyone is not perfect.

It is being able to see their bad parts,

But put emphasis on the parts you love,

And gladly accept them for the individual they are.

To love someone is to lay a strong base for your feelings,

But leave room for some movement,

Because to feel exactly the same way all the time,

Would leave no room for growth, experience, and learning.

To love someone is to be strong at accepting new ideas and facts.

It is knowing that a person will not stay the same,

But also that change happens gradually.

To love someone is to give until your heart aches.

The greatest gifts shared between two people,

     Are trust and understanding which come from love.

Love is giving one hundred per cent of yourself

And only wanting something as simple as a smile in return.

To love someone is to be able to see,

Not only with your eyes but with your heart.

It is too develop insight into your feelings and,

The feelings of the one you love.

To love someone is to give yourself totally, saying

“Here I am, and all that I am, loves you very much.”

To love someone is to wait,

Hoping that one day you will be loved as much in return.

Dodie xxx





At twenty five, three lovely boys, one angry husband, more broken toys,

Messy nappies, childhood dreams, open sorrow, pain and screams.

This first husband, is life cursed? Many chances unrehearsed.

Smashed up body, broken jaws. Gone the threshold of marital laws.

Keep on trying, just gets worse. Children growing, empty purse.

Tears of laughter, tears of pain, tears of anguish. No! ... not again.

Now thirty five, children four, another husband,  gone through, another door.

Slight perversion, he loves another. A girl this time for her older brothers.

Gone the romance, back the pain, children feeling all the strain.

Disruptive schooling, stealing, bled. Mother says, "you made your bed".

Still keep on trying, do your best. Another solicitor, another test.

More tears of pain, none of laughter. A home that's wrecked from floor to rafter.

By forty one another child, another husband but this one's wild.

Hell on earth from the time they met, Needs forgiveness, but she can't forget.

Build a wall against his lying. God, how she wished that she was dying.

Kids in prison, they've paid the price, for love turned sour... No, it's not nice.

Left for another, kisses a penny, for she was just the start of many.

Another divorce, but he did not leave. I was free, but chained, his love to feed.

Fifty two, could this be fate. A chance meeting, but is it too late?

His smile is gentle, his touch is sure, full of passion, her spirits soar.

Is she dreaming? Will she awake, to find it's all another mistake?

Their passion burning, loving, sighing. No more heartache, no more crying.

She lowered the wall and the thorns are parted. Fresh flowers bloom, new future started

One full of yearning, desire and romance. "To Live Again"........ "Another Chance"


  I married my Gentle Peter on 4th January 2008

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