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Thu, 26 Nov 2009
This tribute is going to be one of my favourites for a long time. I present Laurel and Hardy

One of the greatest double Acts the World has ever known!

 Laurel and Hardy

Laurel and Hardy in a promotional still from their 1937 feature film Out West

Sons of the Desert

Writer Lee Jordan

Photographer Mike Lawn & Roger Scruton

Seventy years ago two gentlemen met on a silent movie film set. One was a large American, the other a thin Englishman. The picture they were filming was a comedy Lucky Dog and this fortuitous casting in 1922 was the genesis of Laurel & Hardy, arguably the greatest comedy pairing the silver screen has ever seen. A partnership that would last for 30 years and an act that would transfer successfully from silent films to talkies.

Such was, and, indeed is, their appeal that 70 years on, thousands of Laurel & Hardy fans still curl up in laughter at the adventures of two kind-hearted men dressed in suits and derby hats who, no matter how hard they endeavour not to, always find themselves in trouble. And the resultant attempts to alleviate their problems guarantee hilarious situations.

During the 1960s when Professor John McCabe was writing his authorised biography Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy he wrote to Stan Laurel and asked if he had any objection to a body of enthusiasts being formed on the lines of the 'Baker Street Irregulars', the society devoted to Sherlock Holmes. Stan Laurel was delighted that "celebration" would be its theme and even helped with the groups constitution. The societies name, suggested by a founder member the late Al Kilgore derives from Laurel & Hardy's 1933 film, Sons of The Desert.

Today there are new sons (and daughters) being admitted and each new member joins a "tent" of The Sons of The Desert. Each tent has its own name: The Dirty Work Tent are all Washington firefighters; Midnight Patrol Tent, made up of police officers and Do Detectives Think?, more members of the b blue. These are just some of the hundred plus tents worldwide.

Posted 19:27

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Not always so accurate I'm afraid
sorry it's a bit upside muddledy, It comes of joining pieces together, and the fact it is 3.30 in the morning.

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