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Tue, 05 Jul 2011
A Few Little Hints to guide you through your Holiday Romance. xxx Dodie


No Teeth, all dropped outDODIES MOOD TODAY IS Painful,

....After having had two back teeth removed, but hopefully once the pain from the tugging and pulling has subsided I shall be on top of the world again.... A quote from the dentist did make me smile though. As I lay there, mouth wide open but numb, the pliers gripping the tooth and begin to pull the wee little beastie from it's secure bed (my very painful gum) she says; "Sorry about the sound effects." I would have laughed at the crunching of roots as they were ripped out hadn't started again as number two was extracted with the same effort and even louder sound effects.!

Here is a little advice for those summer romances.

The man destined to be more aggressive than girls. That is why men become more parties to pursue. But now, not a little girl who "crush" on the guy and worked hard after him. Not just in movies, soap operas or novels, but also in real life. How can it happen to you?

Following this, there are 10 tricks to make the girls/boys "crazy" for you, who have proven efficacy. This trick is excerpted from various sources:

1. Honest and gentle

Show that you are honest , polite, charming all at once. No need much excuse for a mistake, neatly dressed and pleasant-spoken. If you could look like that, you can be sure she'll want  to be near you.

2. Not much to assess

One man's bad habits is to assess the physical woman. And everyone knows, nobody's perfect. Make her feel comfort while being near you. One of them, by accepting who she is, no comparisons with other girls, especially with ex-girlfriend.

3. No binding

You may not like it, but do not be afraid to lose him. That does not mean you have to restrain or tie him down. Give him some space. Do not be "reveal"  your feeling to much. Leave him guessing, as to who you are deep down inside. A week apart may seem a long time but it will make him want you more the next time you meet.
Summer Loving
4. Willing
Show you are interested and enthusiastic to hear about what he does. Indicate you are willing to hear complaints all complaining and be his confidante. Do not forget to give feedback on smart humorous stories. Give alternative solutions to the problems he faces, without sounding patronizing.

5. Many smiles

Smiling is one powerful weapon in the charm. Experts said, a smile is a reflection of people who always think positively. and it will not hurt you a little sweet-faced more now than then. It would be better if you could also make him smile. With a fresh anicdote, for example.

6. So the best

To be the best, does not mean you have to do things out of reach. Be the best you can be and do it well.

7. No forcing
Try to resist the urge to make love. You have a little patience. A sweet kiss and cuddle is okay, but not too often.  Try to  talk about important things as well as trivia, and find out what his/her dislikes and likes are.

8. Sell ​​a little expensive

It is best to be patient and loving than demanding and find out she wasn't ready.for a full on experiance. Do not immediately open up. Just show a little bit of yourself. This will make him/her more curious and not get bored quickly. Let your curiosity continues to grow. That way, he/she will try to get to know you more and more.

9. Let him guessing

Girls generally like to be something that is mysterious, you know. That is why many girls become the author of seasoned adventure stories and mysteries, like Agatha Christie or Enid Blyton.  The trick is to keep something of yourself back so you become mysterious also?

10. Do not be too familiar
Not every girl friend you meet is the same, By being to familiar from the onset of dating you will have nothing left to enjoy as the romance builds.

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