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Fri, 28 Aug 2009
Dodies Dream Wrld presents the wonderful "Bootsie and Snudge" all the way from the "Army Game." for your delight.



Sitcom spin-off of The Army Game.

Bootsie and Snudge was a UK television series written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman, also known for the BBC radio series Round the Horne. It featured Clive Dunn, more famous as Corporal Jones in Dad's Army as well as Alfie Bass and Bill Fraser and was a follow on from The Army Game. It centred around a gentlemen's club called the Imperial Club. 104 half-hour episodes were made, being broadcast from 1960 to 1974.

The traditional gentlemen's club in Britain has long been used for comedic purposes in films, usually because of the eccentric characters with whom it can be populated, and the arcane rules. The rulImage:The
Army Game TV.jpge of absolute silence in the reading room, notwithstanding several old men snoring under copies of The Times, is a common feature of such comedy. Memorable moments include Kenneth Connor, in the film Carry On Regardless, being forced to mime "Your flies are open" to one of the members.

In the Imperial Club Bootsie and Snudge resumed their roles of snivelling skiver and bullying sergeant, with contributions from the ancient and always-bumbling dogsbody, Johnson (Clive Dunn), all under the tyrannical eye of the "Hon. Sec.", the club secretary played by Robert Dorning. The Hon. Sec.'s way of dealing with arguments was to drown out the opposition with repetitions of "Tup! Tup!", rising in volume until the other party stopped trying. Thus Bootsie's name for the character was "Ol' Tuptup".                  

I thank Wikipedea once more for these amazing facts.

Bootsie and

Demobbed from The Army Game, Private‘Excused Boots’Bisley and Sergeant Claude Snudge return to civilian life and together go to work in The Imperial (a gentlemen's Pall Mall Club).As with the Army Game ‘Bootsie’ is the dreamer and Snudge is the stuttering apoplectic Major Domo who tries to keep Bisley on a straight and narrow path.

In the early 1960s, the show was adapted into a successful strip cartoon in the British comic TV Comic.

So many of the stars that were in "The Army Game "became huge stars in their own right. I don't remember much about the Army Game, but I do remember Bootsie and Snudge because we had our own Television by then. As I have told you we lived in a tiny village called Bontnewydd, a few hundred metres from the amazing Cefn Caves which are in Cefn Meiriadog.  "Which in fact means the Back of the Giant Meiriadog." Anyway that's for another day. The connection is living in such a small village in the middle of the two mountains means you don't get a television signal, also we didn't have any real electric until 1960. Consequently no decent electric made for lousy watching. He he.

I loved Bootsie and Snudge and all of the "Carry On" films. Dad's Army, yet another sit com that contained so many of the characters from earlier series.  There are no video clips on "youtube," of Bootsie and Snudge, but you can buy them from "Amazon.co.uk" and all reputable music shops.

Hi all, would you like to know that the complete series 1 of Bootsie and Snudge is released by Network DVD on 21st September 2009 price about £29.39 (retail £39.99). Please pass this onto other sites and on you tube!. thanks.

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