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Mon, 05 Oct 2009
The Blackfriars Buccaneers, Amazing, I love it, think it may be connected to the London Stock Exchange!


The Blackfriars Buccaneers.
By W. A. Morgan..

He was a cod faced Mariner, and he said, said he to me,
"I am a Blackfriars Buccaneer, now who the WHAT are ye?"
I answerd then that sailorman, in words both plain and true,
"I cannot see, my sailor friend, that has to do with you."
The sailor then, with curious oaths, besought me to heave to,
And go with him aboard his ship, and join his jovial crew.
Said I, "Have I, my tarry friend, to learn your sailor roll,
To clean the brasswork fore and aft, and curse the doctor's soul,
To wear a pointed Marlinspike within a bladed knife,
To have to go to sea at night, and leave ashore my wife,
To always chew the darkest kinds of uncut negro head,
To sleep in hammocks every night, without a feather bed?
Good sailorman, to learn these things, will cause me constant Pain,
Now tell me, if I join your crew, what pleasures shall I gain?"
The Buccaneer he spat four times, then swore for minutes three,
And then he cleared his throat and told the following things to me:
"WHY, you learn to chew tobacco, either Navy Cut or Copes,
There's some as likes perique the best, that's stuff done round with ropes.
To add to this, my embryo tar, you'll have such lots of fun,
When in you fall at the bosun's call, at the breech of a six-inch gun,
You'll learn to know the meaning (misunderstood by some)
Of starboard, port, the Mainbrace splice, lime juice, and Navy rum.
You'll hoist your slacks at every chance, be tattoed on each arm,
And learn to be a handyman with needle and with palm.
Of course, you'll caulk your watch on deck, the compass learn to box,
and when you're wanted, learn to work the traverse of  Tom Cox.
The swabs on board will use odd terms, like dunnage, scuppers, limbers,
And when you feel the cold aloft, you'll shiver all your timbers.
The ship you dress is trim and taut, but has sweet woman's ways,
For sometimes, though when least desired, you'll find that she's in stays.
And scarcely gallant tho' it seems, and fighting men would scoff,
You'll find, if she won't wear herself, you'll have to box her off.
Martingale stays are always used, and stirrups, though, of course,
You do not need the harness cask to fit a flemish horse.
Your lizards will be thimble rigged, and a cat's paw, you will find,
Will oft appear in Blackfriars reach, if your crow foot's left behind.
But bobstays, swivels, sisterblocks, and spunyarn up to housing,
Will be as household worrds to you, as rattling down and mousing.
And when on shore you tumble home, albeit in a mist,
Just mind your luff, you'll make the port, despite your heavy list.
No more will London Lasses, now, go after Sons of Mars,
They'll drift about the Buzzard's wake, to see us honest tars.
Instead of Kipling's washy songs, all full of Tommy's wrongs,
When we're aboard, we Buccaneers, will all sing Dibdin's songs.
You won't be sea sick, no, my boy, though Neptune has the call,
But if you are, a broad reach try, then quickly heave and paul.
We'll have together, you and I, we sailors of the King,
Our grog we'll drink and Guinness' stout, and we'll give three hearty cheers
For our Ship, the Thames Embankment, and the Blackfriars Buccaneers."

The only connection I can find with The Thames Embankment, Blackfriars Buccaneers and
 W.A. Morgan is the Stock Exchange, 15th December 1903 he gave the Editor's forward to 
This book was also compiled by WA Morgan, in aid of
Any one have any more to add, just leave a comment or send an email to dottido@hotmail.co.uk
My goodness what a rhyme, remends me a bit of the Yarn of the Nancy Bell at the beginning.
I still don't think I would have joined up, Guinness and Rum apart. ...

Posted 16:15

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