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Dodie's Dream World - Complete Chaos! xxx
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Posted 17:37

Sat, 22 Aug 2009
Here is my profile from off my Dodie's Dream World Site, I like this

 Y Draig Goch

Dodie Milnes Simm


Location: Pontybodkin. North Wales. U.K.

          Hello, Before I give you a little bit of me and my new venture. I am putting this profile on as my first page. Just click on DodiesHomepage1 and you will find the TRUE beginning.

      And now Hello, this is Dodie here of dodiesdreamworld, as you all know I am one of the alter ego's of Seligor of seligorscastle and Diddily of diddilydeedotsdreamland. Oops don't forget Diddilydeedot herself. Gosh I do get get confused.

I decided to build Dodie's Dream World when Diddilydeedot grew to big, so I split in in two, making one a trip around the world for myths and legends, all on a more younger theme. This left me room for my own space and what I myself like to talk and listen and in general write about. I am hoping to put a full content of films and books that I enjoy from when I was a teenager to now a mother of five, grandmother of nineteen and great grannie of seven, and I' still only 65 going on 15. I have loved my life my children and my husbands. Hm there have been a few. I loved them all, from teenage first wedding to pensioner fourth wedding two years ago almost.

Today it was my youngest daughters birthday, she was 24. Her baby Jayden was also one today and he was christened as well, all on the 22nd August, then to add more icing to the three cakes that were on show, her partner proposed and they are now " financed!".... as she put it. (Don't ask!)

There were 70 guests in a church that conveniently uses the same car park as the Pub, so it was a lovely service and a slap up roast pig on the spit and all that goes with it.

   Being Welsh we couldn't have lamb, Sacrilege to eat your own lambs on a weekend really :) It was a fabulous day like all our huge family get-together's, we do tend to remarry a lot in our family but we all stay great friends, brilliant you just have to remember who you came with , that's all..... but to get back to the new venture. I hope you enjoy it, it's a great relaxation for me... Boy I need it sometimes I tell you. We fill the Welsh part of Facebook , and now we own that many zoo's and gardens and yovilles between the jon hoard, lol. Just come and enjoy there is lot's of great music, dance and song, films and play-lists, classic and classical. Quizzes, Art and very soon Classical Masterpieces. Just come in and have a look around, you will come back again of that I am certain. You will always be made most welcome. Dodie xxx

The picture in the Back-ground is Snowdon at sunset.

Hiraeth, Cymru am Byth

         I just thought don't worry about me not having friends mentioned here on Zoomshare. Go take a look in facebook and my Spaces and boy there is enough there to fill a telephone book from Tasmania to Transvaal and Canada to Iceland. xxx Seligor's Castle, Diddilydeedot, Diddilydeedot's Dreamland,

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