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Sat, 24 Oct 2009


Here are some new additions to October's Asian Parent
To go through direct to Asian Parents click on their LOGO Below

AsianParent.com News & Promotions
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AsianParent.com is pleased to announce the completion of a major month-long software upgrade project... We are now using a more advanced ecommerce system which allows us to manage our business more effectively, and better service our customers' needs. Our team has significantly improved the performance and added new features while retaining the look and feel, allowing a seamless transition to a more efficient experience.
By popular request,
 we have greatly improved the search functionality of our website. We have also added a Books with BoPoMoFo category, and a gift registry, which is prefect for parents to register their favourite products for Christmas, birthdays, and special events.

We are committed to continuously improving and adding new features to our website by using leading-edge technology. Be sure to look for more improvements to come.
       AsianParent.com is pleased to announce our latest new products....

Book's Cover

Chinese Tongue Twister Nursery Rhymes + VCD
This book will make reading together with babies a lot of fun, and it is a great book for babies to develop early recognition of the four Chinese tones. This book will also please toddlers who are just learning to talk, and might like to follow along or even memorize these fun tongue-twister rhymes.

Book's Cover

Baby Koala's Shower Time
Time for shower! Baby Koala happily steps into the bathroom, and starts her shower routine. This is a fun book for parents to share with young children, and rediscover all the fun things that can happen during bath time. This book also teaches many practical words involved with shower and bathroom.

Book's Cover

Happy Baby's Fairy Tale Garden (5 books)
This set of 5 books is a collection of the world's most well known fairy tales written in the simplest form in Chinese for young children.

Book's Cover

Kidogo-Bilingual book
Most people would not think of an elephant as being small, yet a young elephant named Kidogo thought of himself as being too small. To Kidogo, all the other animals are so much bigger than he is. No matter where he roams, he finds only bigger creatures. But Kidogo doesn't want to be the smallest until one day something happens to change his mind...

Book's Cover

The Art of War Story Picture Book + VCD
This book will not send your children packing for war. This book is a collection of the ancient Chinese wisdom that has been passed down through the generations. This Art of War book features stories from Chinese history's most famous battles. These stories are engaging and help provide young children a glimpse into the long Chinese history. More importantly, these stories will teach young children that wisdom and strategic thinking go a long way against size or brute force.

Book's Cover

The Wisdom of the 36 Strategies Story Picture Book + VCD
This book contains 36 stories of the famous 36 strategies from Ancient China. For each strategy there is an engaging tale of why and how the strategy is deployed and how it achieves its ingenious winning outcome in each of the situations. This book is a treasure of ancient wisdom that has been passed down through the generations. These stories will both entertain and help foster a young child's strategic thinking skills.

DVD's Cover

SINGtoLEARN Chinese DVD-Vol2
This is volume 2 of the popular Sing to Learn Chinese DVD series. This flashcard-style Chinese children songs DVD can help your child recognize more than 500 words through 21 catchy children's songs that feature on screen flashcards, high quality pictures, and real-life videos.

DVD's Cover

SINGtoLEARN Chinese DVD-Vol3 (Animated Series)
Volume 3 of the Sing to Learn Chinese DVD is slightly different than volumes 1 and 2 of this popular DVD series in that it features animated cartoons instead of live-action videos. This flashcard-style Chinese children songs DVD can help your child recognize more than 500 words through 22 catchy children's songs that feature on screen flashcards, adorable animal illustrations, and lively animations.

Book's Cover

Math Keyboards-They Keep Multiplying
What a great tool to help kids memorize the multiplication table! Practice the multiplication table wherever you go with this handy and portable math keyboard. Each of the 81 keys has a multiplication equation on it. Simply press the keys down to real the right answers.


We are still running our free-shipping offer on domestic orders over $75. You can join many of our other customers and continue to take advantage of this offer.

Your feedback is welcomed!
We love to hear from our customers.
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