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Mon, 19 Mar 2012
Have you ever tried splitting a sheet of paper in two, so you can cut out and read the full article all in one go.

Dodie's Dream World - Complete Fantasy
Dodie's World 

Pages that can
be split

from the "La Petiite Revue" Paris 1892

         Have you ever been reading a booklet or magazine, maybe even a newspaper? Maybe you have spotted a great article in a recipe leaflet and thought "wow I will cut that out and paste it in my cookery book." But what always happens you find that the second half of the article is written on the back of the front bit and many expletives later you give up.
Most people will nod there heads and say "Many times" and you have had to try to find another copy or write the whole thing out, which isn't quite the same.
So what can we do;   According to M. Marissiaux it can be done and it is tested and proved so. Here is his secret from the late 1800's
          Wet both sides of the paper with a weak solution of good glue and stick a piece of calico on each side, taking care to keep the paper absolutely flat.    The calico should be slightly larger than the paper in order to leave a margin which can be made use of afterwards.
          When the glue is quite dry, place on a clean, flat surface, and having secured the under piece of calico, turn back the uppermost piece and gently pull it until it is separated from its fellow ; you will find that the paper has been split in two.
         All that remains to be done is to immerse the two pieces in lukewarm water in order to get them apart from the calico. Next dry them on blotting paper and stick them in your book. And believe it or not this can be done with even the thinnest of papers.

         On checking up on Google I found several references to this same article only in different newspaper articles of the 1890's and they all agree that this is a very satisfactory way to split what looks like a single sheet but in fact is a double sheet, glued together so we can have both sides to read in our newspapers etc.

        I found any water-based glue , watered down to make a thin wash will work fine. Whereas the Calico I used was a piece of unbleached cotton, large enough to cut in two.
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