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Tue, 11 Aug 2009
Welcome to Dodies Dragon World, Have Fun especially with the video's once I get them all running.


For centuries and millenia, dragons have been accepted by the Chinese people - loved, revered, but most of all respected for their awesome wisdom and power. They controlled the waters and rain, they helped with fertility, and their justice is swift. It's here, too that you'll find that dragons aren't always a menace and it's a relief to see that after coming from the West where dragons are slain left and right in the name of politics.

Lei Chen-Tzu / Lei Jen Zu
  • Dragon form of a supernatural hero
  • Said to have hatched with a thunderclap from Lei's Egg and was adopted by Wen Wang, the God of Literature.
  • Not born a dragon
  • Heros
One day Lei Chen-Tzu found out that Wen Wang had been taken prisoner. His father, the Thunder Dragon Lei, gave him 2 apricots that turned him into a huge, green dragon with wings, "boar's head and tusks, long pointed snout, and shining eyes" As thus, he rescued his adoptive father.

History: Lei Jen Zu was the son of Lei, the Thunder Dragon. He was said to be born from an egg by a thunderclap from his father, although he was not born a dragon. The god of literature, Wen Wang, adopted him and cared for him.

As a hero, Lei Jen Zu had many adventures. One of them was the rescue of his adoptive father, who had been taken prisoner. The Thunder Dragon gave Lei Jen Zu two apricots, and he transformed into a dragon after he ate them. In his dragon form, he saved Wen Wang.

Symbolism: Lei Jen Zu can be a symbol of righteousness and heroism.

Physical Description: When he transformed, Lei Jen Zu became a huge green dragon, having wings and a boar's face. In addition, he had tusks, a pointed snout, and beautifully shining eyes.

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