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Dodie's Dream World - Complete Chaos! xxx
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Tue, 28 Jun 2011
My goodness it's the end of the month almost and I have only placed two blogs in My World. Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeey xxx Dodie. xxx

Dodie's Dream World - Complete Fantasy
What's in a Name

A few facts of people and places that you just mightn't know about. XXX


In the centuries before the birth of Christ, various lists were made of the seven most spectacular monuments of the world. A Byzantine mathamatition, Philo, around 150 BC. listed the following as the Seven Wonders of the World . He had seen them all.

           Cheops, the great pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza in Egypt:

Built as a royal tomb around 2650 BC.  It was standing 2000 years before any of the other Wonders were built and is the only one to have survived until now.


Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon:

Built by Nebuchadnezzar in 600 BC. this this building was 120metres high, a man made mountain of garden covered balconies.


Temple of Zeus at Olympia

The Temple of Zeus at Olympia in Greece:

This temple, near where the Olympic Games were held contained a magnificent statue of Zeus made of ivory and gold plates. It was sculptured by Phidias around 432 BC.


Tomb of King Mausolus

The Tomb of King Mausolus at Helicarnassus in Turkey:

The most beautiful tomb ever made, from which comes our word Mausoleum. It was built around 350 BC. and collapsed in an earthquake 1900 years later.


Temple of Diana at

The Temple of Diana at Ephesus in Turkey:

A nagnificent shrine to the goddess built after 350 BC. Saint Paul preached against it in the New Testament. It was finally destroyed by Goths in AD 262.


Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes, an island in the Aegean Sea:

This was a statue of Apollo, over 31 metres tall, made of stone and iron around 280 BC. It was destroyed in an earthquake in 225 BC.


Lighthouse of

Pharos of Alexandria:

This marble lighthouse in the harbour of Alexandria in Egypt was over 135metres high. The fire at the summit was amplified by a mirror and could be seen 42 miles away. Partly blown down in 793, the remains of the building finally collapsed in an earthquake in 1375.

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