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Tue, 22 Jun 2010
D H Lawrence, what a wonderful poet and writer of books of course. But it was as a poet I loved him more. Take this Love of a Gipsy for his women. xxx

 D.H. Lawrence (18851930). 
From New Poems.  1916.

D H Lawrence
1885 - 1930

I, THE MAN with the red scarf,
Will give thee what I have, this last weeks earnings.
Take them, and buy thee a silver ring
And wed me, to ease my yearnings.

For the rest, when thou art wedded
Ill wet my brow for thee
With sweat, Ill enter a house for thy sake,
Thou shalt shut doors on me.

Forty Five seems an awful short time to have lived, and yet when reading some of his books and poems you realise that he lived a very full life.  "Lady Chatterly's Lover," became one of his best selling books, even though the subject was not quite the norm for the time it was written
I did however go to see the incredible "Women in Love," at the Cinama yet I still wonder why the title of "Women" when it seemed to be the Men who where doing all the Loving. " Poor old  Oliver Reed was taken from the end of my bed after watching the film, he somehow didn't seem Macho any more. Just thought about another book that DH Lawrence wrote prior to Women In Lover,  "The Rainbow," I found the book very heavy going, mind you it was 1915 and there was a war raging.
Hey do anyof you remember when they caught the first glance of Mr Sean Bean when he played the gardener in ," Lady Chatterly, "  Not bad really but  I must admit to liking him more as the fabulous Sharpe, in the Sharpe series and books by "Bernard Cornwall" My favourite video was  "Sharp's Eagle," Fantastic, it was were you began to hate "Simmeson"  I still make rude gestures at the guy who played him to this day, poor fellow. If any one wants to spend some money on something really great, then go out and buy the complete series of "Sharpe." Unfortunately the final video  "Waterloo," was very disappointing. It should have been made into a double episode for the TV and also for the video and dvd, so sad.
I wonder if anyone remembers Sean Bean in the series "Lorna Doone,  by R D Blackmore, also a terrific series from the TV. What happened to these wonderful series all we have now is cooking,  yuck! Decorating, an even bigger yuck! and 50 year old soaps.

There are several new poems added to the CLASSIC POEMS at

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