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Tue, 29 Jul 2014
The Missing Danish Pastries


always changing. xxx

Danish Hedge
GoblinsThe Missing Danish Pastries  

  At the bottom of the garden a Danish Goblin dwelt,
and on one hot and humid day, Gus gave a scream and yelled!
"Who's nicked my Danish pastries? Who's scoffed my strawberry flan?
I'm quite undone; besides myself! He began to make a plan."
Gus called his mates together; they lived beneath the hedge?
He told them of his stolen cakes taken from the window ledge.
"I guess it was those gnomes” he said “they look guilty, smug and fat."
But Gertie, pushed them all aside "Me thinks, it was That Cat!"

That cat was sat beneath the tree, cream all about her face. yummy yum,
Danish pastries.
She eyed the goblins up and down, there was going to be a chase.
The goblins watched the slant-eyed puss then her tail began to quiver.
"Stand aside !" Old Gertie cried, I’ll grab her tongue and liver!
He flexed his arms and with his axe moved closer to his quarry
Puss stretched her paw with nail and claw, old Gertie didn't tarry.
So up came Bert with the garden spade, he swung it round his head
He missed the cat, but hit a rat which toppled down quite dead.

Black CatThen, with a grin, the puss did spin her tail, curled round and round.
She sent them sprawling across the lawn, then made to higher ground.
The goblins beat, made a quick retreat and assembled within the bushes
Scratched and bruised from head to toe they made no further rushes
The goblins hid their face in shame, each felt their own remorse.
Ne'er again could they stand the pain of the pussy cat's tail and claws?
Gus decided there and then that they all would take a pledge.
If they ever made Danish pastries again not to leave them on the ledge.

Dodie© May 2014

Posted 10:47

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