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Thu, 03 Feb 2011
From the ESSEXSCOUSE a little something posted on the Internet last August. Brilliant Essexscouse and Thank you so much.


crosville bus, edge lane depot

Sunday the 6th AUGUST 2010 was the anniversary of the day that I left home to work "darn sarf" this was in 1972, I still feel homesick, I still get goosebumps driving in on the M62.

To my Liverpool that I love you with all my heart.

The lanny with the man whose pic is on Geds inacity with the club foot he sold the echo backed the buses in who as a young boy I always took the pee.

As older now I apologise but I can still smell the fresh doughnuts that wafted down the tunnel.

Running down the corridor to the ferry then couldn't stop because it was so steep
Standing by the ferry waiting for the ramp to crash down, sod them getting off I wanted to get on as soon as possible.

Jumping on the back of an Ellie May for a free ride down to the dock road.

Going to George Graves the barber on Admiral Street, giving him all the instructions to cut my hair He was in the United Services Club on Admiral St. the night before with my dad who told him short back and sides for a shilling.

The Butchers on Admiral Street every Saturday morning - pork ribs and cabbage cooked in the big pot, me mam used to boil all the undies in to clean during the week.

The Chinese Laundry on North Hill street my dad used to get his collars done. 

A ships fitter in Cammel Lairds who went to work every day in shirt and tie and blue overalls

Steble Street Baths, with 7d from my granny so I could go swimming.

Kick the can game down Hodges Mount a game where we used to hide like hide and seek
blowing out the gas lamp at the top of the street about five mins after he had lit it a bit older climbing up to the lamp to light a fag.

My first kiss

Crossville buses from Skelhorne Street with the door on the front and the engine noise that I could tell it was their bus with my eyes closed.

The feeling coming into Lime Street every Christmas Eve for my 2 day break with a whole gammon for the family I held it so close so I didn't lose it. I am surprised it wasn't cooked by the time I got home.

Standing on the Kop eyes wide gob open just 6 foot away from any one of the gods.

My first communion, singing I Mt Carmel choir with Gerry Marsden visiting (he used to sing there)
delivering milk to Billy Fury's mam.

Stealing sweets from Woolies in Park Road.

A Catholic watching the Scotchies Orange Lodge marching and playing the sash on North Hill Street.

Getting my first ever suit made in Jacksons on London Road.

My mate lived in 20 Forthlin Road opposite my house, after we were moved by the council, this was Paul McCartneys house.

We used to go in the back bedroom, watching the horses in Police Training College

Into the big house (grapes ) to meet up for a stag night, outside Georges Hall,

Liverpool Footbal ClubShank's brought home the F. A. Cup.

Jericho Lane - Saturday morning school football match.

The Iron Bridge with steam trains going underneath.

Liverpool - How can I tell you how much I love you.

Thank-you so much Essexscouse. A superb word-picture cameo Everton Football Club that should be kept for posterity! We should all be copying and pasting stuff like this for future generations.

I also noticed that Smudge 95 has added a slight error remark, in so much as :-

06-09-2010, 11:51 AM
Nice one 'essexscouse' The only slight error is - Skelhorne St buses were the Ribble ones, Crossville buses had their depot in Edge Lane by were Kwik Fit are now.

                                                             Ribble Bus from
Skelhorne Street

Posted 00:36

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