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Fri, 11 Sep 2009
Along with Scotland, Ireland and Wales, I have placed some of the same on each, and the Northern Isles. Enjoy.


 Jenny Greenteeth –

An evil and malignant water spirit who lives in the still waters of Lancashire, England. She can be found in any pool or pond that is covered with green algae or scum, where she waits for unsuspecting children to wander close enough for her to grab them with her long green fangs and drag them down to a watery grave.


This fiendish dog is also called Barghest and Boguest in the English counties of Northumberland, Yorkshire, and Durham. They have been described as having the shape of a black dog the size of a mastiff, with horns, fangs, and bright red eyes, or as a large shaggy-haired dog or bear with huge claws and fiery eyes. Sometimes it drags a chain, at others it is wrapped in chains. It has also been described as a headless human man or woman, a white rabbit, cat, or dog that disappears in flames, attesting to the creatures shape shifting abilities. He is best known for haunting an area of wasteland between Hedgingly Hill and Wreghorn near Leeds in Yorkshire, England. Whenever any notable citizen in the district was about to die it would appear, with all of the community’s dongs in tow, baying and howling in the night. Like the Banshee, they attach themselves to particular areas, and are portents of death or disaster for the one who sees it, or a member of their family. And, should anyone try to approach one, or cross one’s path, then he will inflict a terrible wound upon that person that will never heal.
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