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Sat, 07 Nov 2009
So the bonfires were lit, the guys were burnt... but what really happened to the GUY's

The Tower of London

Where Fawkes spent his final days

            It was William the Conqueror who started work on London’s famous tower in the late 11th century. Over its history it has held numerous celebrity prisoners such as Walter Ralegh, Thomas More and the Kray twins. One of the most notorious inmates was Guy Fawkes who arrived here shortly after he had been caught with the barrels of gunpowder.

          Initially Fawkes refused to betray his fellow conspirators but after a few days of continuous torture, he relented and provided his interrogators with the information they wanted.

          James I had personally authorised the use of “the gentler tortures” and an examination of Fawkes’s signature on his first and second confessions suggests he had been badly shaken by the experience. It seems he was lucky to have been given the "Gentler Tortures," I doubt it. I hate to think what the "Rougher Tortures" were like.

         Other plotters who were subsequently rounded-up also found themselves in the Tower. Here they languished awaiting trial. Francis Tresham, who some believe sent the Monteagle letter, sickened and died in December before he could take the stand. Eight others, including Fawkes, went on trial on 27 January 1606, charged with high treason.

          Held in Westminster Hall, the trial was a sensational event for which spectators had to pay good money to attend. All of the defendants except for Everard Digby pleaded innocent but there was very little chance any would be let off. Guilty verdicts were announced for the eight men and the executions were carried out on 30 and 31 January at St Paul’s Churchyard and Old Palace Yard, Westminster. As befitted traitors, Fawkes and his colleagues were hung, drawn and quartered.

          Henry Garnett was captured too late for the main trial. He was nonetheless subjected to the same procedure and received a similar fate on 3 May 1606. The remains of plotters were attached to spikes on London Bridge as a stark warning to future conspirators.

          Amazing, would you like a wee peep at three of these Machines of Torture, the three following where provided by Henry III's, this Torture Display, (Replica's, the real ones wore away!) and the copies are still in one of the lower chambers inside the Tower.

The Rack, hm you fancy a go? I think NOT! THE RACK

     The Rack was the the Tower of London's most infamous instrument of torture. It was a large iron frame containing three wooden rollers.

      One warder could operate it by turning the central roller with a lever. Ropes ran to the other rollers at the head and foot of the rack, making them turn in opposite directions. The central roller also had an iron ratchet and teeth, holding it in position and keeping the victim stretched. This replica is based on a diagram showing what remained of the rack in the 18th century, when it was found in storage. It has since been lost.
"The prisoner lies in the middle of the frame, and puts out his hands to be tied to the upper roller; his feet are likewise tied to the lower one... Then the device pulls the hands and feet in opposite directions in this way. By pulling hard on wooden levers, the torturers can lift the wretched prisoner's body off the ground using the ropes... and then pull apart all the joints of the body..." - Matthias Tanner, Jesuit Priest, 17th century


Scavengers Daughter, goodness me, !
The Scavenger's Daughter was an iron frame formed of a base-plate and two semi-circular bows.

The bows were fastened tightly across the prisoner's back, holding him in a crouched position, with his arm against his sides.

Torture by this method was quicker than the others, usually lasting an hour.

The Scavenger's Daughter was probably very rarely used and evidence for only six cases can be found.

A historic instrument operating on a similar principle still survives in the Royal Armouries' collection


The Manacles, not
quite what the police use today, thank goodness.

The manacles were iron rings, fastened around the wrists, from which prisoners could be left hanging above the ground. Weights were often used in this torture. A weight was hung from the manacled ankles as you can see in the artists sketch from the Spanish Inquisition.

The rings were fitted to an iron bar.

This method of torture became very popular at the end of the 16th century and was used in other prisons besides the Tower of London.

Torture by the manacles sometimes lasted 5 or 6 hours and could leave the victim incapable of using his hands for some time afterwards.

The lower chamber of the Wakefield Tower contained a guard room where the soliders who guarded the old Henry III Watergate were stationed.

This overlooked the river through a series of arrow slits, until about 1820 when the foreshore was built up to form the new Outer Ward.

Today, the lower chamber contains replicas of three torture instruments, known to have been used in the Tower of London in the past.

InquisitionThe Spanish Inquisition.

This is an artist's interpretation of what one of the Torture Chambers were like, during the

I guess if you want to read about real torture to the people, take a quick look at the write up in Wikipedia.

Wow, this was a terrible time in history for the Spanish, it is still unbelievable how we, a supposedly civilized world did and still do cause so much pain and hurt on their fellow men and women, and lets not forget the children who come off the worse at the hands of these civilized adults.

Remembrance Sunday

The 2009 Remembrance Sunday is just round the corner. Why don't all the leaders, in all the countries of this beautiful world, get together and realise that greed and war does not solve the problems. I don't know what does, but I do know that this World was here before people and we should feed the world with nature and love, full stomachs and What happens when there is NOBODY
left to REMEMBERpassion.

Wake up  and look around you, for soon it will vanish before your very eyes and you will be left with the dead and dying and you will be amongst them with nothing left for you to survive in.




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