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Sun, 02 Oct 2011

BonZoONZO BonZoACH       

A True Story In Memory of BonZo Bach.   

Whom I Loved and still Love Dearly
BonZo Bach      

   "On August 9th 2011, at the age of 12 years, four months and nine days, BonZo, my friend and companion for all these years passed away. He was born on March 30th and throughout all his long life, he played a huge part not just as my best friend and companion but as a bringer of laughter and sadness to my world, I will never forget him, how could I! In my sorrow with his passing I feel as if - in fact I know, that a huge part of my life died with him. Yet, as I sit here writing and remembering back to all the times we shared together a smile crosses my face      

  BonZo always slept beside me with his head on the pillow, and there he stayed till morning. He did have his own little basket on the floor and when I told him to make his own bed, he would go to his basket, pull his cushion out and then sit there waiting for me to put it back, all the time gazing at me with his big brown eyes. The next part of this morning ritual then began. BonZo sat straight up with his front paws raised and awaiting me to pick him up and carry him to the small bedroom window, his nose would immediately vanish through the opening as he  sniffed the outside world. That over it was off to the top of the stairs and sit, waiting patiently so we could descend the steps together.  He had a quick run around the garden and then it was back into the kitchen and up onto the chair watching intently as I finished my breakfast. A quick dash from the chair, snatch a biscuit from his bowl then back up on his chair, biscuit was then tossed high in the air and landed, well, sod knows where. No matter how quietly I tried to take his lead and harness off the hook, he always heard it and rushed to my side, first left leg then right leg were lifted and harness firmly installed and we were ready for our walkies. Although he had a fance for chasing both cats and birds he had never managed to catch one thank goodness. He also loved going to the shops and merting all his friends both human and his own kind. But I think it was the sunny days he loved the most, when he could lie down on the soft creeper which covered the path just outside the house.

I   often feel I can still see him lying there today, it is strange what tricks memories can play on us, isn't it?"

 "His favourite food was chicken followed closely by beef and mince, yes I spoilt him as a father would spoil his child, he truly was a most loyal, trusted and faithful old boy and I am very proud to say I always, yes, always treated him loving care.

I think two of his favourite friends were Rosie and Silyn with whom he enjoyed many biscuits and the wonderful Christmas dinner, which we were welcomed to share every year, they both thought the world of him. BonZo Bach

Well that's it really, I just wanted to let you share a little of the love which I shared with BonZo Bach. A little of the memories which I will hold on to for many years to come, until the day I will join him and we will once again walk the fields and be happy together.          

I love and miss you so much BonZo Bach, and I'll always be your life long friend and companion,               

Brian. XXX  


"Gorwedd mewn hedd BonZo Bach."

Posted 16:35

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