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Mon, 20 Sep 2010
Have a recipe, have a green tomato chutney recipe, and a green tomato jam recipe as well as green tomato and apple marmalade.

Farmhouse Fare from Dodies Kitchen
Now I wonder how many of you are left with quite a few
Green Tomatoes and can't be bothered leaving them hanging around to go red.
Then don't , I am about to give you a wonderful recipe for Green Tomato Chutney.
The cooks cottage is one of my favourite web-site as there is always a little bit of information that goes Jyotsna's recipes. And although I am using a very old Welsh Recipe today I would like to show you this little bit of Goa 

Mapusa Market, Goa

Friday is market day in Mapusa, a small town in the heart of Bardez district in Goa. It's madness there, picking your way through cauliflowers, cabbage, and beans of all kind. And baby clothes, plastic tablecloths and small wooded stools.

And 'antiques', bedcovers and herbal medicines. Plus the tribal women from Karnataka, women with their mirror worked cloth bags waiting to make a killing on some unsuspecting soul, who is most likely to be an Indian tourist. It's amazing how European and British tourists learn, in two days flat, how to drive a hard bargain. It is more difficult to extract a 1 rupee coin out of a backpacker's pocket than to perform dental surgery. So the tribal women are in for some more rude shocks during the day. Thank's to "Cooks Cottage" and Jyotsna Shahane aka deccanheffalump is a filmmaker, writer, cook and mother, always in search of missing things, lost belongings, elusive tastes, perfect pictures, subtle smells and, of course, the Holy Grail.



3lb green tomatoes                    2 tblsp mustard

4 large apples                             1˝ teasp ground ginger

2 small cucumbers                    1 level teasps cayenne pepper

3 lge onions                                 1dessert sps salt

6oz sultanas                                22.5 fluid oz brown vinegar

žlb Demerara sugar

Remove stalks from tomatoes, (cut the tomatoes in half if there fairly big, but leave small ones whole)

Slice and peel onions and apples, slice the cucumbers and then put all the ingredients into a large pan. I use my pressure cooker pan, (without the lid) Bring it all to the boil and allow to simmer for 2 to 3 hours or until the fruit is soft. fill jars and seal the usual way.

Make sure the jars are warm before filling with chutney, and let it cool a little before you seal either with lid or pot covers. 

Fare from Wales

Another couple of recipes you might like to know for green tomatoes, are Green Tomato Jam and Green Tomato and Apple Marmalade

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