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Thu, 02 Jul 2009
The Corries, Roy and Ronnie and the wonderful sound of the mountains and Glens

If you have never heard of the Corries, then you're not Scot's and you don't know good music.
Sadly Roy died many years ago on his way home from a gig, and Ronnie didn't sing for a while but then
 to remember his best mate and to make sure no one forgot him, (as if they could) Ronnie made a tribute
song for Roy  and away to go, that was him back on the road again.

I have loved the Corries since I was very young, there used to be three guys and a girl but then they
drifted apart and we were left with Ronnie and Roy. Long May They Remain, both in Heaven and on Earth in our Hearts.

And all here in the Scotland that's at Dodies Dream World
Posted 13:01

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