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Tue, 05 Jul 2011
How about a few little stories about ghosts. Did they really happen, or are they all fiction.....I wonder!

Dodie's Dream World - Complete Fantasy
All True Tales

Japanese Ghost Mystery 4 Types A Love Appears

Surely you're all contacts already at the lovely (horrible & mysterious) Sadako. He is a famous ghost icon sakura country, and his story even re-released Hollywood film industry with the name of the character of Samara.

In Japanese tradition known some spirits, such as:


A Small Japanese

Onryou is a vengeful ghost to others in his lifetime and after death he will usually haunts to get revenge on these people.

Onryou sightings are usually described as follows:
1.Rambut long and curly.
2.Memakai white kimono.
3.Pergelangan hands hanging down.
4.Biasanya invisible foot planted on the ground.


Public confidence in Japan, Ubume is a ghost who died when it contains (and then gave birth to the dead), leaving a son who was a baby and the ghost is always returned to care for their children to bring candy.

If this kind of ghost in Indonesia with Kuntilanak or Sundel Bolong. Ubume similar sightings with sightings Onryou, only the story of their origins are different.


Funa Yuurei is a ghost from the dead man in the middle of the ocean. They usually appear on the passenger ship and pretended to ask for assistance to the passengers, after which all the passengers died

Sightings Zashiki Warashi is like a child aged about 5 or 6 years. Crew cut and a red-faced. When Indonesia's ghost is called tuyul. Usually these children are ghosts wandering around the house and the ghost is looking for attention with a variety of ways, like leaving footprints on the floor, sounding music in the living room or suddenly sitting on the futon. This ghost loves to manifest themselves in young children. Perhaps because of their age peers.they will turn the ship so that all the passengers died.

Zashiki Warashi is an intangible ghost children who are often mischievous rather than dangerous. Ghosts can also be called Zashiki-bokko. Zashiki can be interpreted as covering floors or tatami while Warashi is the ghost children.

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