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Sat, 26 Jun 2010
Here is a little of the Knowledge on the one and only Captain William Bligh.

 Knowledge about Captain Bligh's famous voyage

Bligh being put in longboat and set adrift

After the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty, Captain Bligh and 18 other loyal men were cast adrift in a 23 foot open boat with enough food and water for five days.

They eventually made the longest voyage in maritime history in an open boat (3,618 miles) in 48 days, landing in Timor in June 1789.  This historic voyage was wholly due to Captain Bligh's seamanship.  With only starvation rations, a sextant and compass, but no charts, the barest amount of water and no protection from the elements he didn't lose a man at sea. The only death out of the 19 original castaways was John Norton who was killed by natives on a small Pacific island where the sailors had landed to get water and any supplies they could. Norton was the last man into the boat and therefore was supposed to bring the anchor off the beach. Because of the imminent attack Bligh ordered him to leave the all important anchor, but the loyal Norton brought the anchor to the boat as he was being clubbed and stabbed to death by the angry natives.A Pearl in
an Oyster Shell
An account of this remarkable voyage can be found in Men Against the Sea

This little
gift is from Berg's but I like the image so have
borrowed it.

Mutiny on the Bounty Quotes

Lt. Fletcher Christian:
He doesn't punish men for discipline. He likes to see men crawl.

Captain William Bligh:
Can you understand this, Mr. Byam? Discipline is the thing. A seaman's a seaman. A captain's a captain. And a midshipman, Sir Joseph or no Sir Joseph, is the lowest form of animal life in the British Navy.

A Pearl in
an Oyster Shell
Lt. Fletcher Christian:
When you're back in England with the fleet again, you'll hear the hue and cry against m
e. From now on they'll spell mutiny with my name.

Captain William Bligh:
During the recent heavy weather, I've had the opportunity to watch all of you at work on deck and aloft. You don't know wood from canvas! And it seems you don't want to learn! Well, I'll have to give you a lesson.
A Pearl in
an Oyster Shell
Captain Bligh, you've told your story of mutiny on the Bounty, how men plotted against you, seized your ship, cast you adrift in an open boat, a great venture in science brought to nothing, two British ships lost. But there's another story, Captain Bligh, of ten coconuts and two cheeses. A story of a man who robbed his seamen, cursed them, flogged them, not to punish but to break their spirit. A story of greed and tyranny, and of anger against it, of what it cost.

Captain William Bligh:
A Pearl in
an Oyster Shell
What's your name? Seaman Thomas Ellison: Thomas Ellison, sir. Pressed into service. I've got a wife, a baby! Captain William Bligh: I asked your name, not the history of your misfortunes.

What a lovely

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