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Fri, 11 Dec 2009
The toys and my daughter Donna, both of them thought of and written a long time ago now, though Coventry Patmore is a little older than Donna. he he

My little son, who looked from thoughtful eyes
And moved and spoke in quiet grown-up wise
Having my law the the seventh timme disobeyed,
I struck him and dismissed,
With hhard words and unkissed,
His mother, who was patient, being dead.
Then, fearing lest his grief should hinder sleep,
I visited his bed,
But found him slumbering deep,
With darkened eyelids, and their lasher yet
From his late sobbing wet.
And I , with moan
Kissing away his tears, left others of my own ;
For, on a table drawn besides his head,
He had put within his reach,
A box of counters and a red-veined stone,
A piece of glass abraded by the beach,
And six or seven shells,
\\a bottle with bluebells,
And two French copper coins,
ranged there with careful art,
To comfort his sad heart.
So when that night I prayed
To God, I wept, and said:
Ah ! when at last we lie with tranced breath,
Not vexing You in death,
And You rememberest of what toys
We made our joys,
How weakly understood
Your great commanded good,
Then, fatherly not less
Than I whom you hast moulded from the clay,
You will leave your wrath, and say,
"I will be sorry for their Childishness."
This is Donna at 11 going to Glan
Clwyd School hehe
          I had something similar happen to me once long, a very long time ago. My daughter Donna and myself had theis waking up and going to school off to a tee.... she didn't talk to me and I didn't talk to her. Well this particular morning we had somehow forgotten the rule and it ended up with us both getting irate and I then slapped her across the face. She was about 14 at the time and she slammed out of the door and went for the bus , for school. I went to work bt after 2 hours I was still so upset that I hit her I had to go home.
        Home I went and baked cakes and biscuits, ironed all her clothes and even made a small attempt to tidy her room. And then I waited and waited until she came home. Such a fuss, I kissed her and cuddled her and piled sorry's on top of her, but guess what, she had forgotten all about it. But that was the first time in fourteen of her years than I have ever smacked her. It was horrible and even though I had, had the three boys before her and they had quite a few good slaps, I can never forget that morning with my beautiful daughter. We are the best of friends still even though she is now 37 and I am an Ancient One. Such are the joys of motherhood.
  Dodie xxx  Smile
Still beautiful
Posted 18:32

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