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Dorothy Milnes Simm

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Location: Pontybodkin. North Wales. U.K.

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I have just decided to give myself a quick spring clean. I was out of date by 6 years and the beginning of my stint as a web mistress has changed vastly over the last six years. Several more grandchildren have been born and just as many great grand children , which sometimes make me quite dizzy trying to remember all their names, only 18 months left till the big 70 so who can tell how many spring cleanings I have left. With so much snow falling this March I think we will all be taking winter a little slower in the future. Still never mind soon be summer and then October and my holidays with the spouse to South Korea for a few weeks rest. (Not likely we will be gadding everywhere. I don't really have that much to say about myself, if you try to work out my nature by the music I have installed on all the pages, I hate to think what you will come up with and my stories and poems are a bit weird also I guess. But I can honestly say I am a human of the Welsh kind, with built in dragon like tendencies, (ask my children!!) I write stories and poetry with most of my waking hours but alas I am not top of the class when it comes to writing real, good, proper, sort of the English language. LOL. I blame my imagination and Peter Pan identity for this also we Welsh do write everything back to front in our language just like the Koreans... Fancy that, but it's true. Well the fact is I have about six of these Zoomshare websites, full of the most amazing topics and entertainment for the very, very young to the very ancient, just like myself... three going on ninety three. So here are their addresses and if you enjoy them please do return. My email address is dottido@hotmail.co.uk so if you ever wish to write to me, I will receive and answer your messages happily. http://seligorscastle.zoomshare.com/ http://didilydeedot.zoomshare.com/ http://diddilydeedotsdreamland.zoomshare.com/ http://dodiesdreamworl.zoomshare.com/ http://dorothy-milnes-simm.zoomshare.com/ and if you like any or all of these or if you have any problem getting through to them. Do let me know and we can get it sorted out. That's my bit, now for bed and back to the "I am going to speak Korean fluently before returning in October" time. Hugs and loves Dodie. xxx

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